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Introducing the Latest Medical Breakthrough in Weight Management.


What if there was a weight management program designed specifically for you. Your metabolism, your diet, your lifestyle? How would that change your health?

At HALSAmd we analyze your body chemistry through medical testing and screen your individual results for vitamin deficiencies, and hormonal resistance to remove barriers to weight loss.

This is YOUR plan.

We’re HALSAmd and we’re on a mission to help people

to achieve meaningful weight loss.  Our medical weight loss program was developed and tested by a physician with your needs in mind. Located in Greenwich, CT we offer a comprehensive medical weight loss program where we partner with you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Research shows that maintaining a healthy weight reduces your risk of heart disease, sleep apnea, diabetes and some cancers. There are many programs that claim to help people lose weight – but many people are not getting the results that they expect. Weight loss is not easy, but the HALSAmd program makes it easier.

98% of patients lost weight using

HALSAmd’s program.*

(*Dr. Murphy 2013 results of patient data)

The average patient lost 28 pounds and maintained the weight loss for an extended period of time, making HALSAmd

5X’s more effective than the

leading national program*

(JAMA 293 :43-53 Dansinger ML Comparison of the Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers,
and Zone Diets for Weight Loss A Randomized Trial)

After patients began losing weight, they saw an improvement in their health.  Many reported having more energy, less fatigue and pain.

30% of patients with an obesity

related disease experience remission

during the 12 week program.*

(*Dr. Murphy 2013 results of patient data)


The HALSAmd program is a medically designed program.  We are a non-surgical, medical weight loss program..  It focuses on the underlying cellular problems that prevent weight loss.  HALSAmd is comprehensive and addresses diet, behavior and lifestyle, exercise, medical issues that can contribute to weight gain, and prescription medications.  We provide weekly appointments to monitor and adjust the plan for each patient at each visit. We want to know how you are doing, feeling and where are you struggling.  Our success lies in our understanding of the metabolism and how that affects weight gain. Learn more.

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